Monday, May 9, 2011

Implant Dentistry in Houston: Frequently Asked Questions, PART 2

In this article, part 2 of 3, some frequently asked questions pertaining to the replacement of single and multiple missing teeth with dental implants are addressed.

Implant Dentistry in Houston: Introduction

In our previous blog post, we addressed some of the questions frequently asked of those professionals who work in implant dentistry in Houston. The loss of single and multiple teeth is an inevitable situation during the course of one’s lifetime, regardless of how well you look after your teeth. It just takes one unfortunate accident for a tooth to become irreparably damaged or displaced altogether. Thankfully, implant dentistry in Houston is capable of restoring smile aesthetics and bite functionality as well as your short and long term oral health with that marvel of modern medical science: the dental implant ( In this article we will continue to address some frequently asked questions so that, in the event that you lose one or more of your pearly whites, you will be well prepared and informed.

Question 3 ~ What should I do if I accidentally get a tooth knocked out?

If you are involved in an accident that causes one or more of your teeth to become damaged, severely chipped, cracked or knocked out, then you should:

  1. Retrieve the tooth or tooth fragment and either place it in a sealed bag or wrap it in cotton wool (give this to the dentist; he or she may be able to save the tooth)
  2. Rinse your mouth with warm salty water to minimize the risk of infection
  3. Apply an ice compress to the cheek immediately outside the damaged region: this will help to slow the bleeding as well as reduce swelling

After these measures, you should immediately seek the attention of a professional in implant dentistry in Houston ( It is the goal of every dentist to help their patients retain their original adult teeth for as long as possible. While your accident may seemingly have ruined one or more of your teeth, it is possible for them to be saved through certain restorative procedures. If not, then implant dentistry in Houston will want to replace your damaged or missing teeth immediately to prevent three things from happening:

  • Infection from setting into the abandoned/damaged tooth and gingival sulcus (gum surrounding the socket),
  • The adjacent teeth from become unstable and shifting to fill in the gap left by the missing tooth/teeth,
  • The bone underlying the site/s of the missing tooth or teeth from atrophying and becoming re-absorbed by the jaw.

It is for these fundamental reason that you should seek the immediate attention of implant dentistry in Houston should you ever lose one or more teeth; regardless of the cause.

Question 4 ~ If I am over the age of 60, am I still a candidate for implant dentistry in Houston?

The great thing about modern teeth replacement solutions is that incredible advancements in implant dentistry in Houston enables people of all ages and standards of oral health and hygiene to receive dental implants. Implant dentistry in Houston has even restored the smiles of people over the age of 90 ( There are, however, factors that can affect the success of implant dentistry in Houston. Chronic illness (diabetes and cancer), certain medications and bad habits such as smoking can result in the destabilization of dental implants.

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