Friday, February 8, 2013

Understanding the Basics of All on Four Dental Implants

This article provides an explanation of what dental implants are, the placement procedure required and the benefits they offer.

If you have lost all your upper or lower teeth, you don’t have to opt for an inferior tooth replacement technology, such as removable partial and full dentures. All on four dental implants, which are as close as possible to natural teeth that you will ever find, offer a fantastic alternative.

Before advancements in dental implant surgeries, patients would have to undergo many invasive procedures, as only a limited number of implants could be placed per surgery. Having a complete set of teeth placed using dental implants could take up to 18 months and cost an exorbitant amount of money! With the conception of “All-on-4” dental implants, this is thankfully no longer the case. The "All-on-4" enables patients to return home on the same day of their procedure, with a new set of beautiful, immediately functional and, of course, fixed and non-removable teeth.

This is made possible by the ability of this breakthrough procedure to almost always avoid the need for bone grafting surgery, even in cases where patients present with a significant loss of jawbone volume.

The Procedure of Placing All on Four Dental Implants

All on Four

After you have made an appointment with an implant dentist, he or she will ascertain whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure. The dentist will take down your medical history, conduct a visual examination of your mouth and also take 2D and 3D X-ray images of your jaw and dentition. Based on the results of these tests and examinations, the dentist plans the treatment, which could involve extracting any remaining failing teeth. Once the dentist has confirmed your candidacy for the procedure, he or she will give you a date to come in for your “All on Four” dental implant surgery.

On the day of your procedure, you will be gently sedated. The dentist will then perform any necessary tooth extractions before preparing your mouth for the implants. Thereafter, two implants are placed in the anterior (front) portion of the jaw and another two in the posterior (back), at an angle. Once the surgery is drawn to a close, you will be left to recover from the anesthesia while your customized non-removable dental prosthesis (new set of teeth) is prepared. These teeth are then fixed to the implants, giving you a new set of pearly whites... all within a single day!

The Benefits of All on four Dental Implants

This procedure offers the best results with minimal discomfort. You do not have to deal with temporary dentures. Even the healing time is shorter than most other procedures. The overall cost is tens of thousands of dollars less than traditional dental implant procedures. All on four dental implants offer long-term results and can last a lifetime with proper care and oral hygiene.

Other benefits include:

  • Gives a new smile within a single day
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Allows you to eat all the foods you love
  • The teeth can be cleaned just like natural teeth (with daily brushing and flossing)
  • Does not press down on the gum to cause discomfort
  • Facilitates jawbone stimulation, which prevents atrophy and premature aging
  • Promotes youthful smile aesthetics, as the sunken-in appearance of the mouth disappears.

All on Four dental implants

All on four dental implants look and feel natural, so no one will even be able to tell that you have had all of your teeth replaced! Having beautiful new teeth encourages people to interacting with much greater confidence in both a social and professional environment.  Above all, you will be able to savor all kinds of foods, including hot and cold foods, with relish. This, together with the other benefits of dental implants, improves the overall quality of your life.

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